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May 05, 2008



1) Scarily for the NHL and the folks who will have to pay him in Pitt, its looking more and more that not only is Malkin Crosby's equal, but in some ways is the better player.
2) If Sid is worth 8.7 mil/year, what will Geno be worth/ask next spring? It will probably exceed Ovechkin's 9.5 mil/year. That said, we don't see Malkin going anywhere BUT the Pens will be forced to shed in other areas. Don't expect them to resign Hossa, etc.
3) The New NHL helps strangulate potential dynasties in this regard. Is this a good thing? In our opinion, no.



I agree that the new NHL limits the chance of dynasties existing. But there has not been a true dynastie in the league since the Oilers 20 years ago. The Penguins were close 15 years ago, but David Volek had other ideas. Most recently, the Red Wings were close, but their 2002 cup was too far removed from 1998 to be considerede dynastic. So the point is, if there has not been a dynasty in decades anyway, who really cares if this limits the possibilty of something occuring that never really occurs anyway.


1) We suppose it depends on what your definition of Dynasty is. Some require the team to win the championship every season, while others of us would allow for it to mean a team that is among the best teams every year and is able to 'win it all' on occasion
2) For instance the Yankees of 1995-2003 were a Dynasty in our opinion, yet they failed to win it all in 5 of those 9 years. The closest thing we have now are the Redwings, especially IF they win it all this year.
3) The Penguins could probably become one IF they could keep their players together, which is unlikely given the current cap constraints. In this environment the Islanders and Oiler Dynasties would NEVER have happened.


I don't know if there is an exact definition of what constitutes a dyansty. However, I was always under the impresiion that certain achievments would qualify a team to be labeled a dynasty. Those achievements include A)a three-peat, B)three championships in 4 years, C) 4 in 5 years. A repeat does not qualify for a dynasty, in my opinion. Under these terms, the Yankees accomplished all 3 feats, while the Wings accomplished none. And jsut to respectfully correct you, the Yankees won it all 4 times in 5 years, not 9 ('96, '98, '99, &2000). 2001, 2002, & 2003 should not count because they did not win anything. The Islanders accomplished all 3 feats as well, & the Oilers accomplished B & C, and added a fifth title in 7 years for good measure. According to your theory, the Devils should be the closest thing to a dynasty, not the Wings, as they won 3 in 9 years. The Wings, assuming a win this year, will have won 2 in the last 9 years years.


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The sad part of all this? The fact that loyalty is bought more and more. For a lot of these guys it all comes down to money, a sad thing.

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Yes.. it all comes down to the money.. Practicality.. I guess this is what happens not only in the NHL but almost everywhere..


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