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April 18, 2008



This offseason should be interesting for the devils. I predict another summer of hockey folks writing the devils off. Even I will buy into the 'devils are done' theory. But will anyone be surprised to see them put up 90+ points again?


1. The devils won't win crap as long as they have a loser has been like Marty Broder in net.

2. About the only thing the Devs have goin for them is Oduya! Doesn't he just look tastey? The guys at fauxrumors would love to have a bit of him sometime! MMM!



We need a prayer....quickly!!!!!

NJ Girl

I can't help but notice the interesting irony in the comment about praying for this devils...
There's a deeper wisdom there that transcends mere ice hockey...

wine packaging

A couple of weeks back, I stopped by my local Golfsmith store and set out to check out some of the bags.

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