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April 17, 2008



1) Nice to have ya back to blogging Rabbi. Agree with you on almost all your points. have to slightly disagree on your assessment of Brodeur.
2) No he's NOT Georges Vezina, but will probably win that award this June. perhaps even get a Hart nomination. He had a great regular season despite playing behind a very average defense/team
3) He is clearly a future Hall of Famer, but was perhaps overused (77 games) during the season (again) and is fatigued mentally and physically?
4) While we respect Marty's accomplishments, we don't like that whenever he whines the NHL jumps to attention. The first time was last season when Brodeur didn't like that Alex Ovechkin wore a tinted visor. The league immediately made it illegal. Eerily similar to the new 'Avery rule.'

The Hockey Rabbi

Thanks for the comment and the kind words. Based on your comments, I don't think we disagree about Marty at all. He's a great goalie, he's just not nearly as good as some people think/say he is.


Four months to the day...not bad
The Rangers won with their B game last night. The Devils carried the play and took control of the game. With that said, 5 years ago, the series is tied at 2, with the Rangers losing a 3-2 or 2-1 game tonight.
Either way, it was nice to see Staal score the game winning goal for the 2nd night in a row...this time for the good guys. Either way, welcome back Rabbi. Have a Chag Kasher V'Sameach.

The Hockey Rabbi

Chag Kasher v'Sameach, Bryan. BTW, what's 4 months to the day?



Not to answer for Bryan, but four months to the day is a reference to the fact that your last post was exactly 4 months ago- to the day. Either way, not to make this a goalie conversation, but nobody has mentioned my nomination for greates ever. I've heard people bring up Marty, Richter, Vezina, etc., but nobody said anything about St. Patrick. Thats right, Roy is my pick, & not because he has the most wins of all time (actually, has Brodeur taken that yet?) but because he was the best money player ever. Skaters included. First of all, he has the most Playoff MVP's of any single player in history(3), while Marty has zero, as in nada, zip, zilch. That says alot. Also, the one cup win which always sticks out in my mind was in 1986 in Roy's rookie season (yes, I said rookie) he posted a 1.8 or so GAA. In the mid 80's, when teams routinely scored 5 or six goals a game. In my opinion, he could've retired right then and there.


I being a Ranger fan have always thought of the Devils as whiners. I never realized until now that Brodeur was the main ingrediant in the whininess. I always thought he was a good goalie, the best stickhandling goaltender but alot of his success was due to the trap(much to the detriment of hockey in general) but his 70+
games per season have rendered him less effective since the strike. I lost any respect I had for him during this playoff series with the Rangers. Diving is one thing but pulling your helmet off for whatever reason is pure crap

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