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December 17, 2007



This post actually brings up a point that I have wanted to mention for a while now. It actually has nothing to do with Gretzky or Jagr. Well, not really. It has to do with Sidney Crosby. Let me preface my comments by saying that I understand the NHL needs a new face, a new leader. I get it , I really do, & I don't mean to get in the way of the league trying to promote Crosby into that role. I just don't think he's all that. There, I said it. Not that he's not a good player. In fact, he's a great player. He's just not the next 'Great One' or 'Mario'. Not even close. In my opinion, he closely resembles the style- & production- of Peter Forsberg. He will never become the next Gretzky. And by that, I don't mean that he will not wake up today 2 inches taller, 30 pounds skinnier, & with blonde hair. I mean he will never dominate the league on the ice as Wayne & Mario did, nor will he ever be the face of the league off the ice as they were (particularly Wayne, who probably became the face of the league more so than any athlete in sports). Sid the Kid is the next one, alright. The next Jagr, Forsberg, & Lindros. These players were hyped up to take over the league and 'carry the torch' as the 99 & 66 left the game. The problem is, none of them were ever, at any point in their careers, far & away better than the rest of the league. They were, at times, the best player on the ice, but it was never crystal clear. Understand for a moment that even while playing in the high flying 80's, Gretzky used to score 200 points a year. I know, I know, it was the perfect era for him. But then why was no one else within 50 points of him? 60 points? 70 points?!?! When the league began its shift to a more defensive style, Mario was still putting up 2 points a game. In 1993, he played 60 games & recorded 160 points, winning the scoring title as if he were playing with children, when in fact he was playing with cancer. There was never a question, ever, about who the best player in the game was when these 2 were around. Never. Which brings me back to Sid. He is not even the best player in the game right now. That distinction is held by a French-Canadian named 'Vinny' who plays in Tampa. Maybe I'm missing something, but The Jagr-Lindros-Forsberg trio of the 90's is really where Crosby fits in. That's what he will be over the course of his career- 110, 120 points a year, with the occasional 130 point outburst. Great numbers they are, but they hardly make for a comparison to the greatest 2 players the game has ever seen. And make no mistake about it, the only reason Gretzky keeps making those comments about Crosby taking over the league is because of his loyalty to the NHL & his trying to help the league gain popularity. Because everybody knows that although it's been almost a decade since he retired, Gretzky is still the biggest asset the league has. When he talks, they listen.

The Dark Ranger

Listen, it also pisses me off when buying a (gulp) Mike Richards Flyers jersey for my father at the Official NYC NHL store, I have to carry a larger-than-life bag to carry it with Cynthia Crosby's mugshot on one side, and quotes on the other outlining how he is 'the next thing for hockey'. It angers me, actually, but I understand the need for soundbites (if people can be soundbites). The truth is he is not living up to the hype this season as opponents now understand how to 'shut-down' the little f****r...double team him as you already do to Jagr or any of the all-Stars in the league.

I gladly accept the Cindy Crosby soundbite if it exploits the game of hockey to the masses. even my wife now enjoys watching the Pittsburgh games because of that "what's the cute hockey player's name again?" question I hear everytime...ugh.

Happy New York Rabbi..2008 should be fun ride.

The Dark Ranger

Pucks on Broadway

Good points Rabbi. I was also disheartened that MSG didn't acknowledge Maloney or Gretzky during the game. Happy New Year!

Jerseys Benchwarmer

Heheh, yeah Czech's greatest isn't quite at the level Canada's greatest was at but Jaromir will still go down as one of the greats IMO. He may be a bit past his prime, but he did have that ability to make average players around him better. Here's to hoping he finds a bit more in the tank this year... the Rangers could sure use him.


They definitely could use himt, but it looks as if they are finding their groove without him producing. As long as Henrik plays well it really wont matter what Jagr does, I think.


I find your title a little misleading. You seem to imply you have some juicy Jagr/Gretzky gay love rumours. Thought I would find all sorts of graphic details for my bedtime dreaming and now Im left with tiny pete at full attention and nothing to enjoy.

Well, back to the Bertuzzi/Faux/Moore sandwich dreamin!

Daniel Sedin Hockey Videos

When talking Nylander I think he must be one of the most underrated players in the whole league. Also nowadays a bit old, 36( I think??). While very dependent of good surroundings (such as Jagr), but when speaking pure talent and when he had one of those days, I'd rank him in the absolute top.

Dyno Tuning CT

Reading the first guys comment gave me a great laugh for the day. Crosby's not the player he was hyped to be, and I doubt he ever will be.

Hockey Hermit's Hockey Blog

Just stumbled across this post and it gave me a laugh. There are definitely some strange parallels there. Would have been amazing to see Gretzky and Bure together. If only Wayne had got his wish...


How is this six degrees of separation? Have you ever researched what six degrees of separation actually means? These are just coincidental factors. Terrible.


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