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October 30, 2007



It's funny you should bring up Nigel Dawes. I just picked him up as a free agent for my my fantasy team & he already chipped in with a goal. I think he could help, but I can see Renney being a reject & sending him back down when the other guys come back.


can't wait for the game tonite. let's keep the train rollin'! check this out:

Ask Al & The Maven about tonight's game - http://blogs.msg.com/gameon/2007/11/hockey-night-li.html


This Lundqvist kid is really dominating. When he's on his game he is truly unbeatable. The one aspect of his game that I would like to see him improve on is the psychological part. He seems to take goals against personally, as you could see in his emotions that he gets upset about giving up even 1 goal. Obviously this has its benefits too, as he will try not to give up even a single goal on any given night. However, he does seem to get startled after giving up a goal, & it seems to affect his play the rest of the way. Just like a closer in baseball, you need a very short memory & you can't take every negative so personally. If & when he conquers this part of his game, he will be even greater.

The Dark Ranger

Now it's two games....still may be the beginning. Exciting, except for that first period last night.


Jason Spezza for 7 years @ 49 Million

Dany Heatley for 6 years @ 45 Million

Scott Gomez for 7 years @ $51.5 Million



Are you actually gonna make this comment when your financially challenged Icelanders gave a injury/concussion prone goalie a 15 year deal? Which, by the way, came only a couple of years after offering Alexei "where are you now" Yashin a 9 year deal. Please spare me the "I actually think its a great deal for the Isles, horrible deal for DP" nonsense, b/c I think we all know where DP will be in the next 2 or 3 years. Thats right, playing golf with Brett Lindros....


That was a horrible attempt at deflecting the question. But I guess therein lies the fact that you basically agree with me.


Regardless of whether or not I agree, you make these comments while ignoring the Isles contract mistakes. Pointing them out while your team does the same is pointless.


Hey it's quiet in here- where'd everyone go????

Rabbi, should I only check for new posts after Ranger wins?

Has something not gone as expected?


Relax there. Billy Guerin quotes in todays paper says it all. Read them.

The Hockey Rabbi

Relax dirty. Yeah the Rangers paid a lot for Gomez and Drury. But that's the nature of UNRESTRICTED free agency: Spezza was not going to be unrestricted. He, thereofre, has less leverage. Also, both Sezza and Heatly signed mid season, thus avoiding the risk of injury while playing out the season heading towards free agency. You have to give a little to get a little.


Dear dirtyboy: Take a bath.

Katia Craig

Oh, I've heard about these hockey stuff from my brothers back in Sarasota. Captain Jaromir Jagr, huh. I like the ring to it. To be honest, I'm not really a hockey enthusiast but I'm pretty amazed at their endurance. I mean, it's a full contact sport just like football. The difference is they get to hold a stick to control the puck, and they play on ice which makes it a lot more dangerous. You've mentioned something about losing teeth. I wonder if each team has its own implant dentist for the players' dental needs?

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