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October 18, 2007



Unfortunately, Tom is guilty of over-thinking & trying to find the immediate chemistry. I think he should just choose the line combos-whatevert hey may be- & it give it a few games. These things take time work & start showing results. That being said, I think the biggest sin Tom is guilty of is rearranging the lines every game.


Hey guys!

Where did everyone go? i thought this page was going to be a hotbed for Rangers' Stanley Cup talk. Did I miss something? Did something not go as planned? Ok well, be in touch- good to see you.


So I've noticed Rangers fans only come out of the woodwork when times are good. So I'll have a conversation with myself:

So, dirtyboy, after Gary Bettman tells Jagr to come get the cup... who do you think he'll pas it to first?

dirtyboy: Marek malik

really why?

dirtyboy: Because he just won the Conn Smythe and he deserves to hold the cup 2nd.

Oh ok, just wondering.


msg's stan fischler is calling on brendan shanahan to score tonight in his most recent blog. check it out here:


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