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October 28, 2007



I've seen my share of bad Ranger teams. I've seen the teams that were too old to skate, I've seen the teams that were full of overpaid stars that did'nt care enough to skate, & I've seen an '04 team that was stripped & skinned & simply not experienced enough to skate. But this team is different. Defensively, the Rangers - I know, its only 10 ganmes- are one of the best teams in the league. What I'm seeing this season, though, is that the Rangers are getting beat in a 5-10 minute span of the game, in which they give up anywhere from 2-4 goals. It is these 10 minutes that ultimately cost the Rangers the game. The other 50 minutes of the game, the team dominates. This is a whole new way of losing that I have not seen until now.


If not for Jagr's open net miss from a tight angle and Drury's shot off the post, this game would've been much closer than it seems.

I think without Avery the Rangers are missing a key ingredient. Not to mention the others on the injured list.

The team D is fantastic, and once Drury starts connecting the Rangers will be fine.

Gomez and Drury actually might work as a unit. Though I still think Drury is a better fit for Jagr; takes what the opposition gives him, rather than Gomez's dangling and dishing style.

The Dark Ranger

HR, just reading this post and it brings back the anger I had that night after the Toronto game. It was atrocious. After last night's game to Tampa -- we were lucky to take the win, the style of play - the system - was the same: ineffective. I felt as if I was watching a high school game.

I hate to be so negative so early, but you are right in pointing out that the system as a whole does NOT work...i am surprised that others are not saying this.

For the first time, I saw desperation on some of their faces last night -- the need to score, the need to score, the need...maybe it's just the confidence they are working toward.

What the hell do i know?



I happen to thnk they played OK last night, and besides- a win is a win. The important thing is Jagr looked good & the young guys looked good.

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