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September 20, 2007



I read somewhere that 50% cap hit would only happen if the Rangers wanted to bring Kasper BACK from Hartford midseason... NOT on his way back down there. But I might be wrong.


Welcome back Rabbi. As far as Kaspar is concerned, if they could somehow make it work in regards to the salary cap, then I think they should keep him. Trading Malik is something I've been begging for since the day he got here. I don't believe in the big, non-physical d-man at all, & that is exactly what Malik is. Not to mention, he's quite immobile, meaning he's really a non-factor defensively against teams that employ a break-out offensive system(basically the entire post-lockout NHL). For those of you who like to point out that his +/- is always high, I remind you that his unit was the primary unit paired with the Jagr line. Meaning, that if I were on the ice with Jagr, I too would be +40. We already have the same player in Roszival, but at least he puts some points on the board. Obviouslyy I do not make the decisions at the Garden, but trading Malik should happen regardless of the Kaspar situation.

The Hockey Rabbi

dimanyr- The CBA is a really tough and extremely long document to get through! That's probably why there is so much disinformation out there regarding what it says. The bottom line is that the section of the CBA I cited in my post is a little vague. You may be correct, I'm not sure either!



I am a big fan of "The Ghost"- as you know I have an old Islanders jersey of his that now fits me like a tank-top. But anyway, I agree with the post above even though it's from Moss and we never agree!!!! I think Malik is a waste of space and Daruis brings a lot more to the Rangers both on and off the ice. He can even ignite the crowd of suits at the garden! He is a guy you want to go to battle with because you know when push comes to shove his nose will be right in the thick of things. Kaspar can be a real asset when he's on his game. If the Rangers see that he's really back- then they should make room for him.

The Dark Ranger

It was great to see Kasp at the game tonight -- he looked great and he is quicker. Never underestimate that killer hip check once more deadlier applied in the old NHL. He should have blocked Parise and that NJ shot should never had a chance. He is a good player, not great - though I would lean with MOSS and his Malik sentiments.

Thanks for the clarification on the 1/2 salary - JD is always on the beat.

Welcome back, Rabbi

Also, Montoya blocked many tonight, but looked unsteady.



Unfortunately, I think that no matter how well Kasper may play, he will be a victim of his salary and the hit he would put on the cap for the Rangers. If Sather could dump some dead weight, like Hutchinson, or move a big salary, Malik or Mara, then perhaps Kasper's chances would be enhanced. Until then, I think Kasper is in line for a one way ticket to Hartford.

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