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August 01, 2007


The Dark Ranger

Who ever would have thought Sean Avery would get so much attention? Sean Avery did -- and despite our feelings on how he went about all of this, he won & the fans won. Hopefully the team did as well.

It worries me how the rest of the locker room will react to this level of press, and thanks to Shanny (mentor to Avery) he will probably make a statement -- whether he means it or not. Though, Gomex & Drury have a lot of adjustment being with a new organization, team and a new Sean Avery...we know Jags puts up with the locker room talk, but the test of time is 82 games later and seeing how everyone feels. Avery has a history of pissing off his own teammates. Maybe Slats was right in expecting one-year only?

Crossing fingers. It's all beginning to feel more real!!



As a Rangers fan from well before '94, I'm telling you that having Avery is an asset to the team, one that will likely pay dividends. Yes he disappeared in the second round, but then again, if you payed any attention to the first round you would notice that the entire Thrasher team was prioritizing punishing Avery rather than winning hockey games. He is our Darcy Tucker, the guy you hate as an opponent but love as a teammate. We need him to win. At least thats what I took from the Buffalo series.

The Hockey Rabbi


agreed, provided he plays like he did theorugh round 1 of last seasons playoffs.


Here is Sean Avery's resume:

During the lockout, he was quoted as saying that the management of the NHLPA lied to its members about the lockout.

Denis Gauthier hit Roenick with a clean check in the 2005 preseason, this was Avery's response: "I think it was typical of most French guys in our league with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up."

That same year he dropped an N-bomb on Georges Laraque. Maybe I should start calling him Sean SL-Avery.

Later that same year he was called for diving and was subsequently fined for publicly blasting Colin Campbell.

In 2006 he got into a heated locker room argument with one of the announcers!!! Apparently, the announcer, Brian Hayward, called him out for refusing to fight Todd Fedoruk! I guess little Sean's ego gets hurt easily.

In 2006, the Kings suspended Avery, stating that he would not be with the team for the remainder of the year for refusing to participate in a practice drill.

Basically, you can spin it however you want but this guy's been a "detriment" everywhere he's been. The publicity surrounding his arbitration is not an isolated incident, nor will it be his last as a Ranger.

The Hockey Rabbi


I hear you! That's why I keep saying Avery has a lot to prove. That's also why I don't fault Slats for being tough during the arbitration proceeding. I believe it's possible for Avery to get his act together but there's no question that he may not.

Side note: Avery is at his best when he's fired up. That means that he'll always run the risk over taking some bad penalties and over doing it. I have NO problem with that. Those risks are worth the reward. To me, the behavior that is unacceptable is the behavior that disrupts the team and the locker room. If he takes a bad penalty here and there (even if the team looses the occasional game because of it) I don't necessarily mind because I'm sure there will be a lot of games won because of his style of play (it's similar- in theroy- to skilled offensive players who control the puck a lot. These guys also have the most turnovers.) If he creates divisions in the locker room, that's a problem.

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