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August 02, 2007


The Dark Ranger

You can hear NJ Devil fans moaning right about now... Funny how devastated they were when Gomez signed with the 'unthinkable team', and soon after blogged on how Gomez was past his prime and didn't deliver last season anyway.

Ah...it feels good with Jags this summer and with both Shanny and Gomez (and the Pruch!)- it looks at though no other team will launch with our three offensive lines. Wow.


Steve Soldwedel

Great post. I think you're spot on when you say that Gomez is setting the table exactly the way he should; he's not only a smart player, but a savvy PR man.

He seems like the right fit for the first line pivot. While seeing Drury between Shanahan and Avery would make for a formidable forward line.

I'm disappointed by the news that Dubinsky and Dawes have been dumped back to Hartford, and especially annoyed by Pock's demotion to make room for Hutchinson. Are those of us in favor of Pock not seeing the same player seen by Sather and the Ranger brass?

The Hockey Rabbi

wouldn't it be great to hear Sean Avery make a statement with the same positive "vibe" as the ones Gomez made?


My feeling is that as long as the Rangers keep winning, Jagr will be happy. Gomez will be just fine for the team, as long as he contributes to the overall purpose. When you look back on Jagr's sour moments of his career, they were usually when his team was in a downward spiral. But he knows hes the man in NY, Nylander or no Nylander, so I'm sure he'll be all peaches. I don't see Jagr being a baby if the Rangers win 50 games this year.

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