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July 19, 2007



I'm sorry, I just read your whole post and the only thing I remember is that you just referred to Sean Avery as a "foundation".

Someone please come stab me to death!


Dirtyboy: As an Islander fan, you should be happy about the first positive thing to come out of Long Island Hockey all summer, & that is that Al Arbour is returning the Isles for 1 game in November and stop hatin' on the Rangers roster.
Rabbi- great post. However, I wouldn't be as concerned as you seem, as the team appears to have an immense amount of confidence, & coupled w/ chemistry, that make the 2 most important components of winning teams. Intangibles are always what seperate the winners from the losers- thats really what explains the fact that 'better' teams regularly lose to lesser teams. Cup winners become that by being at their best at the right time. Getting on that hot streak at the right time isn't necessarily borne out of assembling teams by controllable means- acquiring the fastest guy, the best scorers, playmakers, etc. Mostly, it is a product of intangibles and uncontrollabe factors playing themselves out at the right time- May & June. The Rangers seem to have assembled a team that has a great skill set, no doubt, but more importantly, they seem to be showing signs of life in the confidence & heart department. So lets just wait & see what happens- it should be fun.....



I am very excited about the Arbour thing. Now if only they could get the rest of that team to come back and play, that would be something.

Could you please explain to me how a team who has yet to play a game "appears to have an immense amount of confidence" and "seem to be showing signs of life in the confidence & heart department"????


Obviously you have left your 'thinking cap' somewhere 1983 & Hempstead Tpke, so I will be glad to assist you. The team seems to be showing signs of confidence in the sense that every member of the team fully expects to make it far into the playoffs. They are not looking to simply 'compete' in the conference, as they did just last year. As far as heart is concerned, some of the free agents we have been discussing have taken 'pay cuts'(if not actual paycuts, then structuraly different contracts) do allow for the team to be put together as it is. That alot of heart from teammates who have not played together. It shows they are willing to put the team before themselves. Yes, Gomez signed for a boatload of money- as did Drury- but these guys couldv'e gotten the same from other teams. What I was trying to say is that it seems as though they are already pulling for eachother, and they haven't yet played a single game.


actually Drury turned down a max offer as did Gomez to play for the Rangers.
Anyways, the Rangers do have heart and soul players, the problem is, Strudwick won't be an everyday player, and Kaspar making the team will mean that more salary would probably need to be shed.
On the offensive side, Struds might play a little, which could have a positive effect on the O, because unlike Hollweg, his main task wouldn't be intimidation, and he is a good leader.
What I would see the Rangers doing would be putting Avery between Callahan and Prucha, which would free up the top 2 lines for Straka, and Hossa. That alone can have a positive effect as well. All of this would mean that Betts would be centering one, or two young guys or veterans.

Basically all of this means that the Rangers will be missing Cullen and Orts, but there are ways to make it work. Losing guys like Orts and Cullen sucks, but at the end of the day, the Rangers still have heart and soul.

The Hockey Rabbi

Thanks for the great comments all around.


I don't want to stab you to death (I like you too much). I'm thinking maybe a deep flesh wound in your leg. Let me know!!!!

I think this Arbour thing could really turn things around for the isles. I think that NBA ref might place some bets on the cup coming back to L.I.


Moss, stop. Please stop. You're digging yourself deeper. The confidence comment was bas enough. Now you're telling me these guys took one for the team by signing for what they signed for? This reminds me of one of my favorite exchanges in sports history:

When asked why he turned down a $14.6M/yr contract, Latrell Sprewell said he "has a family to feed".

Moss, you should quit your job and become a PR guy for the Rangers.

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