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July 30, 2007


The Dark Ranger

Great post Rabbi -- holy words. Here are some dark words -- I think Sather played this whole affair the right way.

Avery did under-deliver during the playoffs, and it is crucial with our new long-term (5 & 7 year long) acquisitions, that there is chemistry in the locker room. Jags barely put up with Avery and brushed off his antics, as Shanny was the catalyst for the trade and we know Jags is gone soon. Though a motivator on the ice, he has demonstrated inner-turmoil with his own team (think Kings) - speaks a little too freely with the press and the public, not to mention he'll be sitting with a bench full of overpaid free agents feeling their way into a new team. Gomez, Drury, Lundquist might not care for a hot-head reminding them how he got screwed by Sather and how he should be making how much they make.

You can just imagine? This is classic stuff...I kind of feel Avery is our version of Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. Ah, my wife just doesn't understand.


The Hockey Rabbi

that's why we can't sign the guy long term (yet). He's got too much to prove.

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