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May 01, 2008


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Great win last night. Weird thing is that they seem to have played this way all series, but were only able to get the win yesterday. Sunday will be HUGE.....I wonder if Jags can maintain this level of play for another game, in the arena where he is booed for breathing, nonetheless. Thoughts???


1) If a team were to overcome a 0-3 deficit it would seem this would be the year. Why? As we wrote on our blog this morning, its been 33 years since the NY Islanders came back to beat the same penguins in their second round series in 1975 down 0-3.
2) When was it done before then? Well, 33 years prior to the Isles, the Red wings fell to the Maple Leafs in 1942. Is it fate that it should happen in this cyclical manner? Would be interesting.

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Good work Dan!! Keep it up!!

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