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May 04, 2008


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I have been one the few people to NOT crown the Rangers the knings of the NHL back on July 1, 07. I said all along that they will go nowhere with the defense constructed as it is. Those who know me well can vouch to that. That being said, I think the Rangers did OK this season. The series was alot closer than the 4-1 outcome illustrated, and in my opinion, the Rangers had no business beating this team anyway. To a man the Pens are a better team, except for MAYBE goaltending, where if Fleury is not better than Lundqvist in general, he certainly was for 5 games this week.


1) From a non-Rangers fan perspective your team went about as far as we expected. In our preseason predictions we had them getting bounced by the best team in the conference, Pittsburgh
2) That said, we have to say the future is about as bright as its ever been in Ranger-land. The kids stepped up and were impressive. Plug a few holes and they'll be even better

Nursing PJs

"That said, we have to say the future is about as bright as its ever been in Ranger-land"

you are right!

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