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October 13, 2007



Wow!!! There's nothing I like more than passion. Great piece Rabbi. I also have a thing for Prucha, & think he should be given a better chance. To think that the Rangers are kind of looking for an offensive presence to step up & are not giving a guy who scored close to 60 goals the past 2 years a chance is cazy. What can you do. Like I tell you guys all the time, I'm not the coach.....


If i remember right hossa this year has played two games with the first line,has two points,played good defence and looked like he belonged their///.What more do you want other than to be able to say that he is not worthy and letting his team down and not worthy.///GIVE HIM SOME SLACK FOR HEAVANS SAKE///


Hey, Rabbi. Figured I'd drop in and see what you were saying. I just got done writing a piece about Renny, myself, and it's good to know I'm not alone in my perception of him (thought my commenters are on the bandwagon, too). It's a travesty that Malik is still on this team, and the Hossa experiment indeed needs to end. Give my post a read; I'd love to hear your comments.


Drury is centering Callahan and Prucha, while Dubinsky will probably be centering Shanny and Straka on Thursday night...this according to Sam Weinman and Steve Zipay



I would agree with you on Hossa, however considering the team can't win its hardly an endorsement to keep him planted on the top line.

The Dark Ranger

rabbi,...well you just about hit the heart strings of any true blue in this little post -- I recently read a piece where Brian Burke was discussing the merits of Malik, pointing out that here is a guy that reliably kiss away 'that play' and somehow maintain +points . Not sure what Blueshirt management is doing these days -- I understand ignoring MSG boo'ing the guy, but perhaps we know something more than Renney.

Due to the holidays, you were not able to attend the opening games- and you missed on opening night, before anyone touched the puck, the entire Garden boo'ed Malik when announced. If there were rotten tomatoes available to season ticket holders, the ice would have been covered blood-red.

What you point out in your post seems basic and obvious. Thank goodness Hossa is out on groin injury, as Betts will have another chance to finally prove to management that he belongs in the majors.



I'm not the type of guy that loves using the "I told you so" approach, but , well, I told you so. I've been dumping on Malik since the day the team signed him, and if you look back to the earliest posts on this site, you will find me knocking Malik. If he were a stock I'd short the crap out of him. The problem is that Glen Sather has always favored the softer, finesse type players of the 80's. Unfortunately, evebn with the 'new NHL', size still matters. Just watch the tape of both Ottawa games.

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