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October 03, 2007


The Dark Ranger

So sorry you'll miss the game -- Tivo does wonders. Good solid list and very reassuring given that most of the "reason not" are things that management can work with. Chemistry, defense, #2 goalies have to do with coaching, trading, etc. There is no question of how powerful this lineup is, so to second the notion, "Here we (let's) go Rangers!"



really like the reasons they will win. the offense should be unreal this year. especially with drury out there. he has always wanted to play for the rangers so i'm sure he will be playing harder than his hardest to make an impact at msg. check out this blog by kenny albert over msg's game on! blog.



After seeing the way the team played Saturday night, it is obvious that the Rangers need to adjust to one another. This is very common for teams that have undergone major overhauls during an offseason. The point is that good teams come thru the adjustment period rather quickly, so I guess time will tell if the Rangers are one of those good teams or if they will squander the season away trying to find chemistry. Side point- Avery is out 4-6 weeks. Call me crazy, but I think it's time to see what Dawes can do, no?


Hey Rabbi,

I'm in the mood to chat this morning but you are no where to be found lately. I am eager to hear your thoughts on the season thus far and especially to hear your take on last night's festivities. Come out and play!

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