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September 24, 2007



Love the analysis and overall website Rabbi. I added you on my link list. Interesting game tonight, we'll see what tomorrow holds.


Forget Renney- I'd like to see DP line up Inigo Montoya again!!!


1) The only problem with that lineup is you have a guy making big bucks playing on the 3rd line. Typically the top 2 lines get the lions share of ice time. All this to placate the moody Czech would be a mistatke in our opinion


I agree with you entirely. You cannot force people into any situation & expect results immediately. It would seem that the problem with Gomez & Jagr rests in the idea that they both need to posess the puck in order to be used properly. And obviously 2 skaters cannot have the puck at the same time. But, looking back at Nylander & his 'type' of player, we see a player in the same mold as Gomez- carries the puck, draws attention away from his linemates, dishes it off to the open man. We obviously know how the Jagr-Nylander combo woked out, so I see no reason why, in time, Gomez-Jagr can't work. The fact is, Jagr does'nt need a true centreman, as he has a nack for roaming over all positions on the ice. He always has been that way, as most Europeans are as well. That why he has had success with Straka too, as we all know Straka does not play a true centre position.

David Rabinowitz

Hey everyone ... just wanted to let you know that Chris Drury and Scott Gomez will be on the Boomer Esiason Show tonight.

If you have a question/comment for either or both players, you can submit it at MSG.com's Game On! and Boomer will use it on the show.


The Dark Ranger

I could have sworn the opening paragraphs of this post was going to end in a Hollweg-Simon lovematch. ;)

The opening games and a show of real effort is going to define the lines. Rabbi, I agree with you on most points, but you never know how Renney will mix it up. Everything now is chemistry built around Jags, but this could change drastically if Jamomir doesn"t maintain/deliver what is expected of him. A very effective team in Buffalo was built around our now very own former Sabre Captain Drury. Whatever happens, please no more Detroit or Philly losses in the regular season.



I don't agree with your line combos. Brandon Dubinsky MUST be the third line center. IF they go with a Dubinsky/Callahan/prucha line, it will be high energy, big impact and teams will not be able to totally zone in on the Gomez and Drury lines.

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