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September 23, 2007



I agree, this season, as was the case the last 2, Lundqvist will be the Rangers' most important player.


1) There is NO doubt that the Rangers will NOT go anywhere without Lundqvist in top form. The defense, on paper ay least, doesn't impress
2) If King Henrik goes down for any length of time the Blueshirts will be in trouble. They simply don't have the cap space to upgrade the defense or get a quality back up

Tony DePaola

Lunqvist is a Hot and Cold goalie streaky to be exact he had 3 seasons last year horrible , above average ,superior but as I saw this weekend and I know it's only preseason the Rangers still don't like to be hit and believe me before long the same way Avery crashes the net to injure the opposing goalie the same is eventually going to happen to Lundqvist.

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